Ya think?? (I still do, but not in public.)

What was Observations on Life, the Universe and Everything.

Pay attention! this is important! No-one can serve two masters, and your every act, word and thought tells of whom you serve. Pay attention! this is important! You can't plant pansies and expect to eat apples. Pay attention! this is important! Goats walk their own way, sheep follow a shepherd, and sheeple love to be led. Regardless of who they claim to follow, you can tell their shepherds by the trough they eat from and the voices they heed. Pay attention! this is important! "For as ye have done unto the least of these, so have ye also done unto me." Pay attention! this is important! "The greatest commandment is this: to Love YHWH, your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength: and the second is like unto it: to love your neighbour as yourself."


I have

the right (not the left, but the right)
to remain (not the domain, but the remain)


Anything I say, can and will.

Be usedAgainstMe
in (and out)
of a court.
Of Law (not of justice).

I've erased the rest of the posts here. If anyone should still wander through this abandoned field, please leave a note in the comments. I still think of you all, but my time is so heavily laden with other work just keeping my ever more minimal lifestyle going in this economy going apocalyptic (just wait - the worst is yet to come), that all things less than absolutely necessary are on permanent hold. E-mail gets checked about once a month. Replies can take several months - there just isn't the time.

I miss y'all, and hope life is treating you kindly in all ways.
Thanks for the company along this part of the journey.